The Dangers of MMA Acrylic

MMA Acrylic

Cheap nails are everywhere. Make an informed choice based on quality, not price!

As you know, acrylic nails are created using a mix of acrylic powder (polymer) and a liquid called monomer. The molecules of the powder and monomer form a bong to create a solid structure that will serve as your artificial nail. There are two standard types of monomer available: EMA (Ethyl Methacrylate) and MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). All the bad experiences you’ve heard about in regards to acrylic nails, are most likely because of MMA.

  • What is MMA Acrylic?
    MMA Acrylic (Methyl MethAcrylate) is a liquid monomer USED IN DENTAL INDUSTRY to make false teeth/veneers. It’s used by cheap budget nail bars in the application of acrylic nail enhancements. It is NOT designed and safe to use in the nail industry.
  • What does it cause?
    This acrylic product is illegal when being used on nails, it can cause permanent loss and damage of the natural nail, as well as numbness in the fingers. After prolonged usage, this dangerous chemical deemed poisonous by the FDA can cause miscarriages, lesions on the kidneys, liver problems and respiratory problems.
  • Why is it used?
    Plain and simple. Because its CHEAP; it costs 1/4 of the price of the safe alternative used here, EMA.
  • Signs a nail bar is using MMA…
    – Unusually strong odour (strong, sharp and fruity)
    – Milky or cloudy appearance
    – Practically impossible to soak off. They will usually have to pick or drill it off. Can take hours to safely remove
    – Technician will always use a nail drill to prep the nail, as the product has poor adhesion to the natural nail, so the nail must be excessively filed for better adhesion
    – Often cheap
    – Technician refuses to discuss products with you
    – Use products from unlabelled containers.

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